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Eternal Life In Jesus

Where will you spend Eternity? Find out with this self test - Choose from the options below

Part 1 - Start of Self Test

Where you will spend Eternity is of critical importance not to be ignored, because your actions in this life will determine your status for all Eternity. The Holy Bible makes it clear that there are only two possible outcomes; one is to be with God forever, receiving everlasting life through Jesus Christ, or, an eternal punishment of torment in the lake of fire, known as the second death.

The following self test is based purely on God's Word, The Holy Bible and Scriptural references will be highlighted as appropriate. This self test will present you with multiple choice options, simply click on the option that most represents you personally and it will show, according to God's Word, The Bible, where you will spend Eternity?

This self test is in ten parts, to start the self test, select one of the options below:

Select Option
I believe there is a God!

Select Option
God does not exist!

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I believe in Evolution!

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I Believe in Reincarnation!

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Aliens made us by manipulating our DNA!