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Eternal Life In Jesus

Jesus is the only way to be Saved

Here is the explanation of the animated Gospel Image above: There people are standing on the ground because man is flesh, made from the dust of the earth: Genesis 2:7,24. There are five people, five is generally considered to be the number for man and the five people represent all of Mankind, all the people of the Earth. The people are shown as a black silhouette, the black represents impurity and sin in Man. All the people are shown in black, because there is non righteous, all have sinned: Romans 3:10,23. The flames are surrounding the people and the fire is about to engulf them. The fire represents death and hell, the punishment for sin: Romans 6:23, Matthew 25:42, Luke 16:19-26, Revelation 20:14. The people are on a small patch of ground (the grass) and cannot save themselves from the flames, but there good news, there is a sign post which represents the Bible. God's Word pointing to the Cross, with the words: "One Way"..."Jesus", the only way they can be saved from the fire: Gospel of John 14:6, Acts 4:12. The Cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Saviour, who die to save us from our sins: Luke 2:11, Philippians 3:20, Matthew 1:21, Romans 5:8. The Cross is coloured purple, denoting Royalty and Divinity, that Jesus was God in the flesh and will return as the King of Kings: Gospel of John 1:1,14 & 10:30, Colossians 2:9, Phillipians 2:6, Revelation 17:14 & 19:11-16. Notice that there is a small gap between the Cross and the edge of the ground and that is because it takes faith in God to receive the Salvation of God: Ephesians 2:8-9, Acts 10:43, Gospel of John 3:16-18. Behind the top part the Cross is a glowing cube. The glowing cube represents the Holy City of God that is in Heaven and will come down to Earth when Jesus returns as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; the New Jerusalem: Revelation 21:2. It's cube shape because the Bible tells us the length, depth and height of the City are all equal: Revelation 21:16, At the bottom, on each side, if you look closely, are three white squares because there are three gates on each side of the city and the they are white because the gates are made of pearl: Revelation 21:13,21. The halo around the cube is the glory of God and the glowing of the cube is the light of God: Revelation 21:22-23. Finally, one can see the City of God through the Cross and the only way to receive that eternal life and blessing is through Jesus Christ and they that do, will reign with Him for a thousand years: Revelation 20:4,6.

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